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How to cruise under sail

4 November 2009

Making landfall gently at St Aubin's Fort, Jersey, CII have been messing around in small boats since I was a kid. In 1999 – 2000, my partner Nicky and I took Rusalka Mist, my 28 ft sailboat from Jersey in the UK Channel Isles to the Caribbean and back. At the time I wrote and maintained a website describing the adventure and the steps that had led up to it at It’s still there and still gets a regular readership.

The purpose of this blog is to pass on and discuss some of the tips, tricks, techniques and gotchas that have come my way over the years.

Cruising and living aboard a sailing boat is different to racing it. A lot of what you read about sailing, and a lot of the advice you will receive at the average yacht club bar, is geared around racing. In my early days I found it very hard to develop a style and a mindset that suited cruising, life aboard, safety and self-sufficiency at sea. I hope that this blog makes a small contribution to solving that problem for some others.