How to read this blog

Well, you can see that I am giving myself free-reign here to tell people what to do, and how to do it. All the posts are headed, ‘How to…’ and I hope you can see that there is an element of irony to all of this.  I can’t tell you what to do, and if I do, you still don’t have to do it.  I’m just putting all this down in a direct, simple way, without too much embellishment. You can take parts of it with you, or leave them behind.  Something else you can do is comment on any point I make – I would love to get into discussions here about the pros and cons of different approaches and mindsets to cruising under sail. If you have real-world experiences, books or articles that flatly contradict, or add something to, the advice I give anywhere here, I’d love to hear about them.  If you can convince me, I’ll change the articles themselves very willingly.

So, don’t be put of by any of my didactic, pedantic or opinionated statements – weigh them up, try them on, see if they fit. If you know more about it than me, or if you think I haven’t thought something through, let me know. Equally, if one or two of my ideas work for you, there’s nothing to stop you letting us know that too.  🙂

Happy sailing.


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2 Responses to “How to read this blog”

  1. Pete Gallienne Says:

    Hi HAving seen your blog I wondered if the boatyard at St Albins is still going with the same people as I may need a big job done on oour Colvic Watson 32. As you speak so highly of them I woould be interested in them pricing to do the work.
    Many Thanks Pete and Sally Gallienne
    CW 32 FeelsGood

    • Nigel Says:

      Hi again Pete

      Sorry, as you can see, I don’t check for messages here very often. as I said in reply to your other query, those guys have disappeared from St Aubins and from my radar – I wouldn’t know where to find them now. Sorry.


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